Flatland Trilogy (2006)

Honorable mention Portuguese Theater Critics Association Prize 2006

“Flatland Trilogy” is a show in 3 episodes that tells the tragic life of a flat man that one day discovers he lacks a third dimension.
The Flat Man discovers that life is possible in the 3D world, but only if there are viewers to look at him.
Flat Man draws a strategy to win a three-dimensional immortality: he organises the kidnapping of the viewers of his performance in a bus and offers them a tour through the world of illusion and terrorism if they keep them looking at him.

Artistic Team

Script, images and coordination Patricia Portela
Performer Anton Skrzypiciel
Sound Design Christoph de Boeck
Technical management and graphic videos Helder Cardoso
Layout and book programming Irmã Lucia efeitos especiais
News layout and DVD menu Irmã Lúcia efeitos especiais
Live video images Leonardo Simões
Technical support Lugar Comum Hélio Mateus
Technical Support Wpzimmer and Peter de Goy
Technical Support and Light Design Carlos Jorge Carmo
Construction of supporting structure Antoine Vandewaude
Support and assistance with video recordings Patrícia Bateira
Production Patricia Portela and Helena Serra

Thanks to António Saraiva, Ana Pais, Vasco Santos, Pedro de Almeida, Sónia Baptista, Rui Horta e and the whole team in Montemor-o-Novo, Hélio Mateus, Miguel, António Delgadinho, Paulo Braga, Paula Cerejeiro, Inês Branco, Alexandra Prista, Diana Roquette, Naxto Checa, Marta Furtado, André, Pipa, Serguei,, Sr. João Paulo e Vale de Mafra, os senhores do Fiat Tempra, Maik Magic, João Tovar e Restart, Francisco Barbosa and the São Luiz Municipal Theatre, Luís Miguel Castro, João e Teolinda Portela, Marlene Trindade, Sofia Goulão, Edgar Pêra, Eva Nunes, Jorge Barreto Xavier, José Estorninho, Special appearance by Luís Gouveia Monteiro and guest stars as Pizza Delivery Man, amongst others.

Duration: Flatland I 50min + Flatland II 90min + Flatland III 15 min = 155min
Spoken in English with the possibility of translation in Flatland II and III