Je Suis Bovary

This is a precious object that we very much want to share. Because it is a Live Talk, in a time of mediated conversations. A Conversation like a record that is bought to repeat and repeat at home the experience of an unforgettable concert. Because this conversation is about love in its most innocent and yet intimate form, without agendas, without medical or educational plans, without ethical or age concerns, sexual or other orientations, taking all the parties, assuming contradictions.
Because exchanging ideas, literatures and annoyances with the best friend is as old as the invention of the wheel. As old as opening a bottle of wine and sharing the last bit of bread and cheese you still have in the pantry.

Talk: Patrícia Portela and Leonor Barata, with the participation of the audience, the guests Thiago Arrais and Sónia Baptista

Mentioned authors: Alexandre O’Neill, Caetano Veloso, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Consuelo Velázquez, Emil Cioran, Fagner, Fernando Pessoa, Florbela Espanca, Heróis do Mar, Mariana Alcoforado, Paul Géraldy, Vinicius de Moraes e William Shakespeare

Illustration: Bárbara Assis Pacheco, Margarida Bak Gordon, Maria João Worm, Soraya Vasconcelos.

Graphic design: Maria João Lima

Recorded at several presentations of “In the name of Love” and “Je Suis Bovary” in 2017-2018.

Format: 22 tracks with 57:43 min. + packadge of 12 detachable post cards

Audio edition: Patrícia Portela

Mix and mastering: Nuno Morão, Oriana Alves and Patrícia Portela

Partnership PRADO & BOCA

Audiopostcard in CD
isbn: 978-989-8421-36-4
1.ª editiom: Nov 2018
Co-edition: PRADO and BOCA
Ref: CENA003 (CD)
Limited edition of the audiobook in vinil (300 unique and signe by the authors copies)
(vinil – 2 LPs, in fact, 1,5 LP e meio + one letter-side)
Isbn: 978-989-8421-38-8
1.ª editiom: Nov 2018
Co-edicion: PRADO e BOCA
Ref: CENA003 (vinil)