Aventuras (2024)

You are standing in front of a gigantic wall. Nobody knows what is on the other side. A sign reads: Entry forbidden to anyone who is not constantly amazed.

Suppose you accidentally step on the Jagged Stones. A Winged Gramophone offers you a ride. You stumble across the Naked Truth. An Enchanted Tree with claws for branches begs you to turn it back into a human being. In a Scorching Desert you have to sacrifice a finger in exchange for a swig… What do you do?

Aventuras is an interactive labyrinth in which the participants face a succession of challenging choices. A journey through bizarre worlds that tests your courage to the full. An encounter with elusive creatures that encourage you to stay the course. Most importantly, don’t forget your passport!

Laika and Prado – Associação Cultural are joining forces to make a mobile, sensory installation inspired by fantastic images and texts from Aventuras de João sem Medo by the Portuguese author José Gomes Ferreira. There will be both a Dutch and a Portuguese version of Aventuras.