Reconciliação (2021)

By juxtaposing several “tableaux” of the world, Alexandre Dal Farra and Patrícia Portela create a landscape of memories and images of the last two decades in Brazil and Portugal. Coronel Brilhante Ustra, a Portuguese female emigrant, East Timor fighting for its independence through its leader, Xanana Gusmão, and Comet Halley passing by unnoticed are some of those landscapes, which by interacting with one another create a thin thread of implicitly political tension. Such thin thread includes the gesture of reconciliation—with the past, with what hasn’t happened to us (yet), with the world of today, with us. Such thin thread includes the promise — that both share, but none inhabits or envisions — of Europe as a moral proposation, civic concept, philosophical idea. In a world heading toward reopening wounds and irreconcilable extremes, one must recall that war is a real option, but so is reconciliation.

By Alexandre Dal Farra & Patrícia Portela
Direction Alexandre Dal Farra & Patrícia Portela
Dramaturgy Alexandre dal Farra & Patrícia Portela
Texts Alexandre dal Farra & Patrícia Portela e convidados – Afonso Cruz (PT), Ondjaki (ANG), Elisa Lucinda (BR), Nicolas de Warren (USA, SRiLanka), entre outros.
Performers and co-creators (on stage) Célia Fechas (voz off) Clayton Mariano, Alexandre Dal Farra, Patrícia Portela and guests
Set design Patrícia Portela
Musical composition Gabriel Ferrandini
Post production Irmã Lucia Efeitos Especiais
Teaser Rui Ribeiro
Lighting design Leonardo Simões
Panels Piranesi João Maio Pinto
Text editing Isabel Garcez
Website Pedro Mendes
Support and monitoring Sérgio Hydalgo
Executive production Associação Cultural Prado
Booking and tour production Carla Estefan – Metropolitana Gestão Cultural
Residency support Teatro Viriato
Co-production FITEI – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica